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This Is Me.

I obsessed with self-growth, empowerment, and the pursuit of greatness. I war with questions like why bother, what’s holding me back, when is it good enough – because I am a recovering nice girl and perfectionist.

I now understand that daily battle is between you (your higher self) and your ego. One wants you to realize magnificence, the other wants you to seek for it but never find it. One offers vision and hope, the other offers excuses, false obstacles and doubt. We all are in a battle with our ego, most of us just don’t know it.

My purpose, my “why” is this: to help awaken girls and women to their own power and their own potential to live an intentional, actualized life that is big and bold and full of their own definition of greatness.

No second guessing, no asking permission, no pleasing and pretending and playing nice. No pretending to be perfect. Just learning how to be real, how to want what you want and how to go after it fiercely, while still being a woman.

The Websites I Keep

Girls Unbored

Girls Unbored is an after school program I have created to empower girls to be strong, independent and confident through outdoor skills and experiences.

I believe girls need a voice to help them embrace their own magnificence, and there is no better way than in nature.

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The Unbored Life

This is my personal journal on topics that range from self discovery and empowerment to personal adventures. It’s real and authentic.

I often say that nature is a mirror, and the more you embrace adventure, the more you come to know yourself. But it doesn’t have to be adventure. It can be anything where you allow yourself to show up fully. 

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Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.

- Rumi