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Favorite Things


Here is my growing list of books and people that inspire me to stop whining and drifting and make something out of the rest of my life.  For complete clarity, several of the links are affiliate links. Thank you in advance for any purchases you make off of my recommendations.

The Desire Map

I recently discovered Danielle LaPorte on a podcast and instantly fell in love with her authentic and powerful style. The Desire Map is about choosing goals based on how you want to feel first, and what you want to achieve second. Simply brilliant.

The Success Principles

This book is where it is at. It has everything you need to know about taking charge of your life and moving in the right direction. And it islooooong. 20 hours, but worth it. You can also sign up for Jack’s10 daycourse which covers many principles in the book on his website:

The One Thing

If you are struggling with too much to do, not knowing where to focus, then this book tells you how to find the One Thing and then, put a stamp on it and follow it until it gets you to where you want to be.

 Your Brain On Love

If you want to have a long-term lasting relationship, this is your bible. It has all the rules for a secure, long-term partnership and is very simple to understand.

 Three Simple Steps

This book was recommended to me by my favorite portrait photographer, Sue Bryce on twitter. I love it. Trevor Blake talks about mentality shields, taking quiet time and setting intentions for having the life you want. He is a practical guy. This isn’t a new age spiritual book, if that time of literature turns you off. The story of his mother and her perseverance alone makes this book a must read.

 20,000 Days And Counting

This is a must listen-to book. Robert D. Smith is a character and with so much energy. He will get you fired up on making every day matter.

 Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah

One of my favorite books. The book is worth buying for the parable at the beginning. I first read this book when I was 16 and I have probably recommended it at least a dozen times.

The Four Agreements & The Fifth Agreement

Love love love these books. The Audible performance is amazing. Want some simple life principals for living free? This is where it’s at.

Blogs & Podcasts

Danielle LaPorte

Check out Danielle’s #TruthBombs as well as her blog. Sign up to get them sent daily to your inbox. If you do some digging, check out her podcast with Lewis Howes.

Tim Ferriss

I love Tim Ferriss’ style of debunking the normal way of doing things. His books The Four Hour Work Week and The Four Hour Body are great. In addition to a podcast, he has a 5 Bullet Friday newsletter that is fun to get.

Gary Vee

Gary. Sometimes I love him. Sometimes he annoys me. That’s his thing. But if you want a kick in the ass, no apologies, no excuses dose of medicine, Gary is your guy. Check out his videos on Facebook.